Witch Cottage No. 1 (11x17) #witchcottage
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Witch Cottage No. 1 (11x17) #witchcottage

Witch Cottage No. 1 (11x17)

This is a print of my own piece of art. It's a cottage hearth scene drawing heavily from 18th century and 18th century inspiration. The shelf containing a skull, herbs, magical books, and other items suggests that the cottage is home to a witch. Instead of a traditional rifle hanging over the fireplace, the witch hangs their most important tool - the broom for flying out of the chimney each night. People who enjoy the films Hocus Pocus or Practical Magic will probably enjoy art like this too! The original art was done on paper with graphite and charcoal pencils. Historical accuracy was given high priority.This print also comes in 5 x 7-inch cardstock.The print of my drawing was made on quality 11 x 17-inch cardstock and has a glossy finish. All art was created by me, Jessica Jewett. I'm a mid-30s artist living in Atlanta. All of my art is completed with the tools utilized in my mouth due to disability.Matting not included. Your print will arrive in a sealed plastic sleeve to protect the art from dust and handling.


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